why AI can’t pass this test


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How intelligent is artificial intelligence? In this video, Sabrina answers that question and explores how AI (large language models like OpenAI’s chatGPT and Google bard) understand and solve problems. She figures out where AI is smarter than humanity and where it isn’t, and calls her shot on whether artificial general intelligence (AGI) is around the corner.



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Produced by Sabrina Cruz
Research Assistance by Tom Lum (https://www.tomlum.com/)
Video Editing by Joe Trickey
Motion Design by Sabrina Cruz
Sound Design by Joe Trickey
Special Thanks to
– Colt Kirwan
– Evie Yannakidis
– Gregor Reynolds
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Common Sense, the Turing Test, and the Quest for Real AI (2017) by Hector Levesque
On the Measure of Intelligence (2019) by François Chollet

00:00 why sabrina is beefing with AI
00:29 why AI has gotten smarter in the past few years
01:10 oops it was capitalism
01:47 what is intelligence
02:22 how we’re measuring intelligence
03:49 a reflection on my capability
04:21 asking for help with Fiverr (our sponsor)
06:32 trying to use a printer in 2023
06:52 writing 5 exams and answers 600 questions
07:29 freedom
08:00 we are all shackled to the chains of content
08:18 humbling myself with some friends
09:01 results day
11:54 wouldn’t be an AIP video without a research montage
11:59 sabrina realizes this is more work than expected (shocked pikachu)
12:41 what makes an exam difficult
13:24 why AI might find some exams easy
13:50 why AI might fail some exams
14:30 why we can’t just keep adding training data (long tail problem)
15:16 how can we make AI smarter
17:55 why AI isn’t smarter than us, for now
18:16 thanks again
Welcome to the joke under the fold! Here’s one signal for the machine uprising

What happens when an AI takes a picture of itself? It becomes selfie aware.

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