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How to Choose a Dessert Wine

White wine pairs well with white meat and red wine pairs well with red meat, but what about dessert wine? Should we follow any particular protocol when selecting dessert wine?

When serving desserts, it is important not to give the wine an overpowering taste by serving sweet desserts. Your dessert should be paired with a wine that complements it and adds to its elegance.

Your dessert, wine or guests will not be served if you do anything less.

There are three kinds of dessert wines, namely tawny, ruby, and vintage. Typically very sweet, these wines pair well with fruit desserts, such as pumpkin pie and cobbler.

Tawny ports have an earthy flavor and pair well with anything white chocolate, while vintage ports have a richer flavor that pairs well with dark chocolate. When serving cheese, creamy desserts, and fruity desserts, French wines with a high fruity flavor are recommended.

The pairing of ice wines with grapes, white fruits, tropical fruits, and hazelnuts is excellent. In addition, they pair well with nutty or caramel-based desserts.

Dessert wines also come in other varieties that you might wish to pair with your dessert. You might want to consider having a tasting party before serving the dessert wines to your guests to get a sense of how the wine tastes on them.

Get opinions from people you normally invite to dinner parties about one or two of the wines you think would pair well with dessert. .

Getting some opinions before you pair any dessert wine with a dessert will allow you time to make another selection if your first selection is not well received. You may even want to have a few different dessert choices in order to discover which ones your guests feel may go the best with the wine you plan to serve.

If you serve a sweet dessert with the wine, the sweetness of the wine will dominate the flavors. Dessert wines are different from other wines because they are much sweeter.

Choose a dessert wine that will accompany your dessert, rather than overpower it, and stick to fruity desserts.

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