SpaceX massive water deluge system full pressure test, Elon Musk’s reaction…


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SpaceX massive water deluge system full pressure test, Elon Musk’s reaction…
Kevin Randolph:
Ryan Hansen Space:
SpaceX massive water deluge system full pressure test, Elon Musk reaction
Truly breathtaking!
Like seeing Niagara Falls for the first time! And if you haven’t already, just trust me on this one.
This happened on Friday (July 28) with the test commencing at 2:10 p.m, SpaceX conducted the first full-up test of the new deluge system at its Starbase site in South Texas, spraying immense fountains of water up toward and around the facility’s orbital launch mount.
This test was considerably more powerful than the first one, which the company conducted on July 17.
Water shot upwards from beneath the orbital launch mount (OLM) for roughly 40 seconds, and it was accompanied by a voluminous blast of sound. No booster was present for this test.
“New water deluge system to protect against the immense heat & force of the Starship launch,” Musk said in one video-sharing post.
Honestly, Starship flame deflector is much more intricate than we thought, they have higher water flow density directly below engines, each outer ring engine has its own spot.
Also, there is more flow for legs.
The system appeared to do what it was supposed to do: spray copious amounts of water in an upward direction. When implemented in actual launch scenarios, the deluge system will function in tandem with engine ignition, absorbing the power generated by Starship’s 33 Raptor engines. A plausible next step will be for SpaceX to test the deluge system during a static fire test of the Starship Super Heavy booster.
SpaceX massive water deluge system full pressure test, Elon Musk reaction
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