Riesling Revelations: Journey through 8 Unique Wines in a Tasting Tour


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I utilize this a glass of wine secret: Forge de Laguiole Wine Key Ebony
I have actually used this glass in this Video: RIEDEL Performance Riesling
I have tasted the complying with wines in this Video:

2020 Hofmann Hundertgulden Rheinhessen Germany

2021 Julien Schaal– Riesling, Alsace Grand Cru– Rangen, France

2018 Knoll Riesling Ried Schütt Smaragd, Austria

2021 Grabenwerkstatt Ried Trenning, Wachau, Austria

2021 Chateau St Michelle Eroica, Columbia Valley, Washington, USA

2019 Red Newt Cellars Lahoma Vineyards Riesling Finger Lakes, USA

2022 Springvale, Grosset, Clare Valley, Australia

2017 Rieslingfreak No. 5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling, Australia

The 100 Point Scoring System (from www.robertparker.com):.
96-100: An extraordinary wine of intricate and also extensive character showing all the characteristics anticipated of a timeless white wine of its selection. White wines of this quality deserve an unique initiative to find, take in and acquire.
90 – 95: A superior white wine of phenomenal complexity and personality. In other words, these are fantastic glass of wines.
80 – 89: A hardly above standard to excellent wine displaying various levels of finesse and flavor as well as personality without visible problems.
70 – 79: A typical white wine with little difference except that it is soundly made. Basically, an uncomplicated, innocuous wine.
60 – 69: A below-average white wine consisting of visible shortages, such as extreme level of acidity and/or tannin, an absence of flavor or possibly unclean aromas or tastes.
50 – 59: A a glass of wine deemed to be inappropriate.

Riesling is one of the very best grape selections on the planet and it is really closely connected with my home country Germany however it is planted around globe as well as can generate spectacular instances in different areas and also climates.
A few weeks ago I participated in the Master of Wine Symposium, where we had lots of samplings but the most incredible one was a panel lead by Jancis Robinson on Riesling.
I was asked whether I desire the “leftovers” for a video clip which in this case consist exceptional instances of that range. So I will take you on the Riesling Route around the globe. Releases!

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