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This week’s Wine About It guest ExtraEmily! Halloween, streaming, origin story, sweethearts, separations and even more!
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Bonus Emily.

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White wine About It.

0:00 Introducing Emily!

3:34 Obligatory Wine Review.

9:08 Is grown-up technique or treating illegal?

15:42 QT’s insane Uber driver.

16:45 Is Adult method or treating unlawful? (proceeded ).

17:55 Favorite Halloween costumes.

23:44 Partying in a relationship vs solitary.

30:02 Are you comfortable with partners having lady “good friends”?

36:43 The time QT’s ‘digestive tract’ was wrong.

39:40 Emily’s streaming character.

42:34 Emily’s streaming origin.

47:08 Emily and QT’s worst separations.

50:49 AITA Angel/Devil Edition.

51:38 What you doing stepgrandma?

57:08 Birthday terminated/ Embarrassing moms and dad tales.

1:09:18 Outro/ End Credits.

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