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QTCinderella and Maya stories over the week, QTs mishap at Disneyland, Maya gets a shock present from QT, information at burning male, as well as making it through the cleanup
A glass of wine About It 39
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0:00 Intro/ volley ball.

3:39 Maya’s week.

5:57 QT’s week at Disneyland.

19:36 QT as well as Ludwig witness a cars and truck crash.

20:41 QT and Maya educate us regarding Burning Man.

31:09 The Burning Man s ** airplane.

34:50 Festivals transforming capitalistic/ Woodstock ’99.

45:31 QT and also Maya’s cleanup survival plans.

53:58 Spiders are attacking.

55:24 keeping in mind popular developers.

1:01:31 Outro/ End Credits.

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