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In this episode, QT & Maya are joined by Ludwig, and they all share confessions.
Red wine About It
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0:00 Intro.

1:56 Does Ludwig count on skinwalkers?

3:14 QT and Maya nearly mosted likely to EDC.

5:24 what have you done?

8:04 Obligatory Wine Review.

15:13 Aiden goes to EDC.

17:05 The last time QT did.

19:09 Maya is an alcoholic.

19:49 Ludwig does …

25:27 Is Ludwig a great sweetheart?

28:20 Maya dislikes Jackie Chan.

30:34 Ludwig’s company strategy.

31:59 Ludwig has a desire.

38:56 QT and Maya’s new company venture.

42:22 Is Maya an excellent friend?

45:55 Balancing relationship and company.

47:40 Who would certainly be the better assistant for QT?

51:53 Wine About It’s guest policy.

59:14 Does Maya like streaming?

1:02:42 Ludwig is a weeb.

1:04:57 Donating toupées to a Slime in demand.

1:08:58 Smelling your partners farts.

1:12:18 Maya enlightens us about Matt Healy.

1:18:06 Ludwig moons people.

1:23:14 Pet custody.

1:26:01 Outro/ Patreon End Credits.

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