Elon Musk: SpaceX Starship IFT-4 Flight Test!


Starship Flight Test 4 (unofficially IFT-4) will be the 4th flight of Starship. The current launch date is set for NET June 6, 2024.[1] Ship 29 (S29) and Booster 11 (B11) will be used for this mission. Both vehicles have received upgrades since Flight 3. The fourth flight test of Starship is currently planned for the 6th of June, 2024 at 7 am CDT, pending regulatory approval. The test profile of this mission is almost identical to the one on Flight 3, but there are some changes. The most notable of these changes are the jettison of the hot stage ring from B11 and a soft, engine powered landing for S29. The goals for the fourth flight per SpaceX: “The fourth flight test turns our focus from achieving orbit to demonstrating the ability to return and reuse Starship and Super Heavy. The primary objectives will be executing a landing burn and soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico with the Super Heavy booster, and achieving a controlled entry of Starship.”

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LIVE: Elon Musk Unveils Starship’s Future! SpaceX Starship IFT4 Flight Test!

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