Tasting a 159-year-old white wine. Poison or Excellence sampling with Master of White wine.

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1863 J. W. Burmester & Co. Reserva Novidade de 1863 Engarrafado em 1932– Reengarrafado em 1942
2011 Burmester Colheita

The 100 Point Scoring System (from www.robertparker.com):.
96-100: A phenomenal white wine of intricate and also extensive character showing all the qualities expected of a traditional white wine of its range. Wines of this caliber deserve a special initiative to find, eat and purchase.
90 – 95: An impressive red wine of outstanding intricacy and personality. In short, these are excellent wines.
80 – 89: A barely above average to excellent white wine displaying numerous degrees of finesse and taste along with character without obvious imperfections.
70 – 79: A typical red wine with little difference other than that it is a peacefully made. Basically, a simple, harmless red wine.
60 – 69: A below-average red wine including visible shortages, such as too much acidity and/or tannin, a lack of flavor or possibly unclean fragrances or tastes.
50 – 59: A a glass of wine considered to be undesirable.

Burmester does not have any type of documents of the red wines reaching this far back but from what my get in touches with stated this is a white wine from the 1863 vintage that was aged in large barrels and after that was bottled into large glass balloons– supposed Demi Johns in 1932. After 10 years it was after that bottled into this bottle.

Consider what the wine has to have seen for many years. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation to complimentary slaves in US confederate states, it was also the year the Football Association formed in England as well as the year the International Committee of the Red Cross was established and the year Rockefeller started the oil business that would make him the richest guy in the globe.

It was additionally an amazing vintage for Port. Many vintage charts do no go back regarding 1863 however I located a number of older sampling notes rating this wine 100 Points and also Taylors’s– one more well-known Port home– made a special bottling of their 1863 and sold it for several thousand dollars a container.

Taylors are stating that: “The harvest of 1863 was just one of the finest of the nineteenth century and also the last terrific Port vintage before Phylloxera spread out throughout the Douro Valley.” Yes, that is one more fascinating component of the tale due to the fact that Phylloxera the bug that ruined most wineries in Europe in the late 19th century/ very early 20th century was very first found in 1863 in the south of France.

After seeing their vineyards dropping the drainpipe winemakers recognized that they can deal with Phylloxera by implanting their creeping plants onto American rootstocks, that are resistant to this louse. Virtually all vineyards in Europe have given that then not been planted on their own rootstock and also there are some that state that the old– not implanted creeping plants generated better wines.

As this is from a vintage prior to the vines had actually to be ripped out in the Portugal as well this red wine is really 100% from Vitis Vinifera creeping plants– and from one of the finest vintages. Vintage is a really essential aspect when it involves the age merit of glass of wines. If you desire a wine to age for centuries you need to make certain that it is from a very excellent producer, from a wonderful vintage, as well as ideally, a pleasant red wine as they tend to keep longer.

This red wine ticks all the boxes and in addition to it, it approaches a Colheita Port from today. Colheitas by legislation are Tawny Ports made with grapes from a single vintage. They must be developed in wood casks for a minimum of seven years however keep in mind: The 1863 was aged in barrels for 69 years!

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