Are you TONE DEAF or MUSICALLY GIFTED? (A FUN test for non-musicians)


TODAY you are going to find out exactly how musical your ear is on a scale from 0 to 15! This test is also perfect for your friends if you want to see what TONE AWARENESS score they get. You should challenge your best friend! 🙂

IMPORTANT: If this test was VALUABLE and FUN for you, I dare you to challenge your friends on your social media and see what score THEY get! 🙂 As of right now, it seems that the whole planet wants to take this test 😀Also, I have a 2nd TEST that tests your ear in a different way. It is also perfect for practicing and sharpening your ear!

0:00 – Intro
1:35 – Chapter 1 – Pitch Recognition
3:11 – Chapter 2 – Pitch Memory
4:26 – Chapter 3 – Harmony Awareness
7:19 – Chapter 4 – Tonality
9:04 – Chapter 5 – Resolution
10:53 – Chapter 6 – Perfect Pitch?!

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