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Today QT and Maya talk about their Saint Patrick’s Day tasks, QT’s wild time at a home party where Christina Aguilera carried out, Texas blocking p ^ ^ n, and Kate Middleton reports.

Red wine About It
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0:00 intro/ Coots is awake.

2:01 QT lies to Ludwig (wheeze)/ QT goes to LA celeb event.

11:43 Ludwig shows up.

13:50 Ludwig seethes (continued ).

18:45 video from the party (featuring Christina Aguilera ).

24:13 QT goes to a Hollywood afterparty.

29:29 Maya got intoxicated on St Patrick’s Day/ Maya gets fierce.

31:08 “too old” for bars.

34:11 QT’s well-known supervisor pal.

42:32 the Texas center ban.

50:20 where is Kate Middleton?/ QT teaches Maya about the Royal Family.

1:05:17 Outro.

1:05:50 Bonus Preview – QT looks herself up on Wikipedia/ End Credits.

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