ASMR DETAILED Cranial Nerve Exam FOR SLEEP 👩‍⚕️ EAR Exam,Eye Test, Roleplay, Personal Attention


Welcome to relaxing asmr medical roleplay for sleep and relaxation. This ASMR DETAILED Cranial Nerve Exam FOR SLEEP 👩‍⚕️ EAR Exam, Eye Test, Roleplay, Personal Attention video includes asmr ear exam, asmr ear cleaning, asmr personal attention, asmr otoscope, asmr roleplay, asmr sleep, asmr cranial nerve exam, asmr, asmr soft spoken, asmr tuning fork, asmr otoscope, and much more!

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00:00 Soft spoken intro
00:20 Glove sounds
01:20 Stetoscope and deep breaths
03:39 Mouth examination
04:20 Ear Examination – ear touching
06:23 Otoscope
12:01 Ear drops
14:02 Hearing test
16:25 Tunng Forks and RAIN starts
20:07 Eye Exam – light test
21:25 Eye examination
22:13 Eye test
24:00 Colorblind test
24:56 Vison test
26:55 Eye Exam in low light
28:26 Light exam in dark
31:27 Face exam
33:39 Soft or Dull
35:34 Olfactory test

Hi! 🙂 Welcome to my channel! 💜
My name is Ieva! I am from Latvia!
I create realistic ASMR roleplays for entertainment and relaxation 💜
Happy many tingles!
Love, Ieva

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