You probably already know there is a lot more to wine than taste and bouquet, especially if you are a wine lover. Wine and wine making has quite a history, which is no surprise as wine has been in existence for several thousands of years. With a wine antiques book, you will learn more than you even knew there was to know about this historical beverage.

Wine antiques books do not talk about antique wine. They cover the history of the accessories involved in wine, both in drinking it and making it. Examples of objects discussed include decanters, bottles, labels and corkscrews.

The change in wine bottles is particularly interesting to anyone who knows about wine, as bottle shape has an effect on the aging process. Part of the evolution of the bottle shape to what we have today was in an effort to decrease the oxidation rate

The first wine bottles were often unlabeled. Later bottles might have a label detailing the town it came from as well as the name of the maker. These were from a time when wine was not mass produced but made on a small batch basis. Early labels not only tell you about the wine, they may also tell you something about about the history from which they came.

Another wine accessory that has changed shape greatly over the years is the corkscrew. Patents for corkscrew designs number about 300, the same as the number of years that corks have been used for wine bottles.

You do not have to be trying to begin an antique wine accessory collection to appreciate all the information captured in a wine antiques book. The history revealed, the insight into the part wine has played in our societies and the sheer fascination of all the designs give substantial reasons why these books should have universal appeal.

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