Appreciating to drink a rare and fine wine can give you the desire to start creating your own wine-cellar. Collecting wine can be a very pleasant hobby. Especially when you seek the bottle of wine which is different from the others.

If you wish to start a wine collection, you will have to spend a little more money than you think. Indeed, wine collecting is expensive. The few councils exempted below will help you to start your own wine-cellar.

The space

First thing to do is to find a place where you will place your wine-cellar. You can store it in your house but you will have to find the good place: sufficient space and ideal temperature (50 up to 65?F).

You must also plan which type of wine you will include in your wine-cellar. So many options are available that it is sometimes difficult to choose.

In order to better prepare your new wine bottles storage, you will test some various types of wine. You will learn much by yourself ; for example: identify wine tastes. As you probably already know, there are many differences between wines coming from great vintages and wines coming from new or immediately processed wine and that some wines can age, others cannot.

If you have just started a wine-collecting or built a wine-cellar, you should avoid buying your wine in great quantities as long as you are not sure about the type of wine that you plan to add to your cellar.

Wine Culture

Participate in purses and tasting events. In these places, you can meet other persons who are passionate by wine collecting and who will give you the best addresses and suppliers. You will also learn more about the different brands and their prices.

You can also learn a lot by surfing on the Internet and searching for information about wine; by subscribing to some informative newsletters ; by buying some books and read them in order to familiarize with your new hobby.


You will also have to choose a good supplier.

While visiting your wine supplier, tell him that you are collecting wine bottles ; this person will inform you if the wine that you want to buy can age in a cellar or not.

Also ask your supplier if the wines you are collecting are available in his inventory.

If you hope to collect wines from other areas, he may be able to give you contact information for finding the wines you are interested in.

Wine suppliers information and addresses are available online.

Wine from other Countries

If you plan to collect wine coming from other countries, your supplier will be able to give you the right addresses. Also, you can make a search on Google in order to find the best foreign wine supplier or mail directly the vine-grower or even the castle where the wine is bottled.

A French proverb said: “It is while forging that one becomes blacksmith”. Perhaps you will realize that collecting wine becomes a passion and that you want to start your own wine selling business. When you will have bought a sufficient quantity of rare wine bottles, you will be able to start your new business and sell your greatest bottles

By: Dominique Halet

About the Author:

Dominique Halet is an accountant and her passion is European History ; especially France History. She is the owner of : All About Wine, Web Infos And Online Resources and Diary Of An Internet Marketing Newbie

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