At Classic Wine Direct we're pretty upfront about what we do - we can't compete with supermarkets on price so we offer wines from off the beaten track instead. these wines tend to be more full of taste and better quality. people who drink wine don’t really know the true value of wine.

the chief executive for the wine trade confirmed many of the deals are a rip off.

The fact that a leading player in the wine business had admitted that consumers were being conned caused many a raised eyebrow.

In effect, Spiret was saying that many of the "half price" deals that you'll find in your local supermarket/ discount retailer are not in fact deals at all. simply, a bottle reduced from ?7.99 to ?3.wines are often only worth ?3.99.the first place of 99.

they mark up wines at selected regional outlets for a short period to cover them legally then mark it down. The customer will then beleive he is getting a quality wine for a bargain price. Confused? That's the general idea.

the wine industry is believe the main wine drinker is obsessed with the ?3.99 price tag.the cheap price to customers affects the ways the suppliers are producing their wines.

consumers really know what is going on but they just carry on doing it. At the end of the day, it just leads to the impoverishment of the wine trade".

Spiret's insight provides us with a depressingly cynical view of the way wine is both sold by the big retailers and supplied by the big wine brands. More worryingly it gives us an insight into what the big retailers really view their customers to be, namely lazy and ignorant.

the wine industry is not the only industry where these marketing practices happen.

two thirds of the wine sales are taken up by the supermarkets.

If the regular wine drinker believes that he is getting ? values range from ?3.99.99 bottle then it follows that it will be much harder for the independent wine retailer to sell something whose real value is (and always was) ?7.99.

there is no end to this type of fraudulent marketing.

However, if the political mood continues to be against discount selling for alcohol, it will be interesting to see how the big retailers find a real price for wines they have knowingly mis-sold for the last 10 years.

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