Absinthe wormwood is normally Artemisia Absinthium or Grand Wormwood which is actually a variety of wormwood which does not contain a vast amount of the chemical thujone. A few brands of Absinthe use Roman Wormwood which also contains thujone in addition to Grand Wormwood so drinks with two types of wormwood may contain more thujone. Thujone amounts can differ between brands significantly, some Absinthes only have negligible amounts of thujone, whereas others have up to 35mg/kg. As thujone is an illegal food additive in the USA so Absinthe with negligible amounts of thujone is authorized here.

Why is there controversy about Absinthe Wormwood?

Medicines have been made using this common wormwood, Artemisia Absinthium since Ancient times. Utilization of it has been done :-
– To weaken poisoning caused by toadstools and hemlock.
– Ways of using it as a tonic.
– This can reduce a fever.
– As a stimulant to digestion.
– To cure parasitic intestinal worms.
The herb Wormwood gave Absinthe it’s bitterness, green color and also it’s name. A person can see the appearance of the "louche" effect caused by the essential herbal oils in Absinthe when water is added to the drink.
Absinthe was banned in the early 1900s in several countries due to it’s harmful effects. Absinthe drinking was believed to be a danger on a country. It was even claimed that a french man killed his whole family after drinking Absinthe - he was actually an alcoholic who consumed excess quantity of other alcohol after the Absinthe!
Before it’s unauthorization numerous writers and artists enjoyed this drink. It was banned in many European countries and also in the USA but was never banned in the UK, where it had never been popular, Spain, Portugal or the Czech Republic.

Absinthe Wormwood Revival

There was never any real evidence linking Absinthe drinking to hallucinations or insanity and it is now known that Absinthe is no worse than any other highly alcoholic drink. Absinthe contains twice the alcoholic content than other drinks so one should be careful while consuming it but Absinthe wormwood is not claimed to be harmful. The consumption of decent amount of Absinthe can make a person feel a funny lucid or clear headed type of drunkenness.

In the 1990s Absinthe was legalized in many countries which gave rise to a renewed interest in Absinthe drinking. There are many different types and brands of Absinthe available to buy and buyers can even order Absinthe essence, to make their own Absinthe, online from companies like AbsintheKit.com.

The thujone content of Absinthe Wormwood is strictly illegalized in the European Union and the United States. One should avoid Absinthe containing artificial flavors.

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