Wine connoisseurs and those casual wine lovers will put much effort in finding that perfect wine rack. A fine wine rack will always raise the atmosphere in the room. A well chosen wine rack will add to the overall value of one's home and it will bring out that special flair of luxury. Buying a wine rack is almost certain to raise some questions. Questions like why you should need a wine rack or which material to choose for a rack will come up.

More than one dilemma is going to cross your mind before you actually go into action.

Why should one buy a wine bottle storage rack? Perhaps you are a wine lover that wants to manifest his passion and it just does not feel right to store those fine bottles anywhere else.

As much as the right storage of bottles is important a beautiful wine rack will also become a real eye-catcher when friends come to visit you. A quality wine rack still emits that special aura of exclusivity. Wine bottle rack is still a strong statement of wealth and a healthy life style.

Which material should I choose for my wine rack?

Besides classic materials like wood or metal, a custom made wine rack can satisfy one's wildest imagination concerning the choice of different materials. Despite the great selection of different materials, metal and wood still dominate the market. Regarding wood, nowadays every serious wine rack producer offers at least 5 different wood sorts to choose from. Metal wine racks offer the choice of all kinds of metal that will match most sophisticated taste of any true wine lover.

Which wine rack will keep its value for a longer time?

The first step should be to decide what kind of a rack you need in terms of different racking types: a wall mounted wine rack, a free standing one, handing rack or a table top wine rack. Afterwards you will be able to estimate the limits of your budget when thinking of purchasing middle- to upper class wine rack. A decision that rarely brings any disappointment is a decision to buy a hardwood wine rack. Short but bulletproof advice.

Does it matter where I put my wine rack?

In a small to mid-size apartment a wine rack would traditionally find its place in the kitchen or in a dining room. People who consider themselves as burning lovers of wine colleting will scarify almost any other piece of furniture just to put their beautiful wine rack in living room. Wine rack is never a problematic piece of furniture and it will go along with furniture in any room. Those true wine lovers will tend to have their wine collection displayed in a room where family and friends spend majority of their time.

Is a new wine rack too expensive for me?

Starting price for a middle size wine rack storing up to 100 bottles will begin at 50 to 60 USD. Quality wood wine rack storing 60-70 bottles will cost you over 200 USD. Wrought iron wine racks are much more expensive than those entry models of hardwood racks. 350 to 400 USD is the price to count with.

It does not matter whether it is a hanging wine rack in the kitchen or a wall mounted wine rack in a dining room, carefully chosen wine rack will fit any furniture and any special taste of its owner. Wine racks are that additional piece of classy furniture that nobody really needs, but everyone passionately wants to own one.

By: Melanie Hudson

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