by Taylor Wadsworth

While hearing of wine goblets and being asked what they are may lead you to draw a question mark in your mind, there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen them around. Despite the fact that these were first used over 1,500 years ago, they remain very popular today.

The wine goblet, though essentially the same thing as a glass, does have a different shape. You’ll find a wider composition that almost resembles a bowl, and the thin handle of wine glasses is much thicker when it comes to the goblet.

Wine goblets were first introduced to the world in about 400 AD. The original ones were made of materials like clay and ceramics, as local potters produced them. While they were in fact used for red wine, they were also used for other occasions at many ceremonies and rituals.

In present times, the wine goblets are still used quite frequently. They’re used both inside homes, as well as in restaurants for various uses. You might also see them used at various occasions like weddings, for one. When someone supplies a toast, they’ll often use a metal or pewter goblets to deliver the toast with.

Back when wine goblets first came about, they were nowhere nearly as common as they are in present times. They were very popular amongst the upper class of society and really weren’t available for widespread use.

They were also seen as a mark of class, and the best ones were used at high profile events (in a way, they still are when you think about weddings). Materials such as pewter and silver were most popular in the past, but crystal and glass are the most popular form of wine goblet today.

Amazingly, wine goblets remain very prominent today. Whether it’s a tradition driven phenomenon or a result of society’s liking for the shape and utility of it, you can find old style pewter goblets just about wherever you go.

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