Wine is one of the most widely loved beverages in the world. Whether you are just having a glass with your bath to relax, a glass at dinner, or making a toast to that special someone in your life on a special occasion, wine is the perfect drink.

There are a lot of different varieties for white wine that are available, such as the chardonnay white wine and the Italian white wine, for example. The Italian white wine varieties have always been particularly popular, and this is for a few different reasons. The Italian white wine is, quite simply, a type of wine that is produced in the region of Italy.

This refers then to any wine on the market that is made in Italy, and there are thousands to choose from if you are looking for an Italian white wine.

Italian White Wine Pinot Grigio

There are a few selections in particular for Italian white wines which are very popular, such as the Pinot Grigio. This is the most well known of all Italian white wines, and is a light, dry white wine that has a very subtle, lemony flavor. It is great for pairing with meals such as grilled fish, seafood and salad.

A great choice for food pairing is made with this wine if the light meal is not going to overpower it.

Italian White Wine Gavi

The Gavi is another very popular choicefor Italian white wine. This is a wine that is very different from the Pinot Grigio. The Gavi wine is a type of wine that is actually not heard of elsewhere besides Italy, but which is extremely popular there. It features complex aromas of everything from grapefruit to honey, and yet is only subtly sweet in flavor.

Chardonnay: Italian White Wine

The Chardonnay wines are some of the most flavorful and popular in the world, and they originate in Italy. So if you are ever trying to choose from the Italian white wines that are out there, this is one that you are definitely going to want to consider. Most of the Italian Chardonnay that is made is produced in the Alto Adige region in mountainous northern Italy.

There are a few other very popular winery locations around Italy as well and if you ever travel to the area you can go on a wine tour where you will be able to get taken around to all the most popular wineries and see where all of this fantastic wine actually comes from.

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