Many pubs scross England could soon be welcoming a new beer glass into their sweaty palms. Say bonjour to the ‘Schooner’ glass. The schooner glass holds a total of two thirds of a pint. The move follows a bundle of mixed opinions from the pub trade that would love the opportunity tot sell smaller measure of beer for stronger ales. Reports have also claimed that this beer glass will give females a chance to order a beer in a smaller measure as reports have suggested that women think the pint is too much.

The name of the glass, ‘Schooner’ orginates from OZ and was a nickname invented for the glass as pint glasses became to hot in the sun. Why people think that same methodology will apply to us in beyond me but pub landlords in the UK are taking it very seriously indeed. However, many critics from around the country are scared that the schooner will herald a shift away from the traditional pint itself. There are three different variations for a pub; pint, half pint, third pint. The slightly smaller shaped glass will no doubt cause a headache for pub staff all over the country cutlery as the glass itself looks almost identical to a pint glass and there will no doubt be mistakes. The idea to try and drink less is always something that the Government would want to push as much as possible. It is the same with wine glasses. In many pubs they will only sell a much larger size wine glasses in the bar and in their tableware.

The Association of drinking in Scotland said that there was no call for these glasses stating that there was no demand. Science and Innovation Minister Lord Drayson said: ‘There is no question of replacing the British pint, but introducing the option of a brand new imperial measure is good for consumers and providing them with far more choice.

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