Napa Valley, California USA is one of the most sought after destinations for wine lovers from all over the world. Part of Northern California, with its excellent soil and gorgeous weather, Napa Valley hosts some of the best wineries in the world along with superb accommodations for wine tasting tours.

Whether you are an expert wine taster or just a beginner in the wine tasting world, Napa Valley will give you an experience you will long remember. There is no doubt that you will be able to taste some of the best wines that the world has to offer right here. But Napa Valley wine-tasting tours are really much more than just about the wine. True to the spirit of California, there is an exhilarating mix of other attractions all related to wine tasting to make a visit to Napa Valley all the more interesting and unforgettable.

There is the Napa Valley Wine Train. This is a great way to sample the different wines and food, you will not have to worry about someone not being able to have their share of wine because they are the designated driver. The trains range from 1950’s diesel Steamliner to turn-of-the century Pullman. Included with the tour of course are wine-tasting at different vineyards, or on the train and also gourmet meals. On some days you may even be treated to a concert. This is a great way to enjoy Napa Valley and its great wines.

Then there are the vineyards that are a bit more than just vineyards. There are vineyards that combine the wine-tasting experience with art, a truly unique experience. Some vineyards pay particular attention to architecture and great views, so if you are an architecture buff and an outdoors person you will want to check out some of these.

But the extent of what Napa Valley has to offer with its wine tasting tours does not stop there. Some wineries offer detailed tours on their estates, with one winery in particular offering tours in caves more than 50 feet underground. And if you would like to learn a bit more about the wines you are savoring, some wineries offer lessons on deconstructing wine flavors using all the senses.

So you can see that Napa Valley wine tasting tours are much more than about the wine. They can also be about art, food, the view, knowledge and most of all, great fun with an unforgettable experience.

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