by April Kerr

Wine tasting is a great way to settle on what types of wines you like without having to go out and purchase many different bottles of wine. Almost every winery provides wine tastings and many restaurants and wine stores will offer wine tastings so that you can experience and taste new wines. Countless times these wine tastings can be a great help as the wine maker may be present and can offer you a great deal of information on the wine.

Glasses are incredibly important when wine tasting as there is a reason that you should drink wine out of wine glasses instead of jam jars. Wine glasses were designed to show the wine to its best.

Wine glasses will permit the wine aroma to be released and then trapped in the glass so you can take pleasure in the aromas from the wine. Red wine glasses tend to be larger than white wine glasses and dessert wines and fortified wines are served in much smaller glasses.

When tasting wine you must first appraise the color and clarity of the wine in your glass. It can help to hold the glass of wine up to a white surface so your background does not change the color of the wine. The wine should not be cloudy and you do not want brownish tone sin red wine or orange tones in white wine as this means the wine is very old and past its prime.

The next step is smelling the wine. To properly smell the wine you need to swirl it to mix in some air. The air makes the aromas in the wine move into the space just above the wine into the wine glass. So you swirl the wine, stick your node into the glass and take some deep breaths. With time and practice you will be able to distinguish more and more smells.

The next step is to taste the wine. You should take a decent mouth full and swirl it around your mouth. Those that have practice can even inhale a small amount of air into your mouth with the wine. This can bring out more flavors and smells in the wine while it is in your mouth. Though if you have never done this before I would practice at home first.

Finally you can evaluate the aftertaste once you have swallowed the wine or spit the wine. Something to notice is how long the wine flavors last in your mouth, if you experience any drying sensation, if you have a mouth coating sensation or if the wine is astringent. The more wine you taste the better you will become at describing the wine.

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