It's nearly Friday lunchtime. At work this week it has been very stressful and busy so I am glad it’s nearly the end of the week.

The countdown to the weekend is on and that will mean a few bottles of wine will be drunk.

The truth is that it’s normally a few bottles on a Friday night, then a few more on Saturday and then cut back to just one on Sunday. Regrettably on a Monday morning I have to be up bright and breezy ready for another hectic week at work.

I will admit I have been drinking for a few years, however when it comes to choosing the right wine, I am still a bit of an amateur. I know every now and then I serve a white when it should be a red.

Now on Friday I was considering serving up a lovely piece of steak. To accompany this I think I should be choosing a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. However my predicament is I am an absolute lover of any sort of Shiraz, so perhaps I should get a couple of bottles of this.

Saturday night is a big family celebration this week and I am going to be laying on a nice finger buffet at my house. I have a big problem with hosting the party at my home as knowing my family there is no way they will be bringing their own wine, so that means I will have to get extra supplies in. Cava is my favourite wine, so I will probably go for this. My dilemma will be should I get Rosado Cava or Reserve Cava, or perhaps, as it's a big event, I should just get a case of each.

On Sunday night there will be just be the two of us and I think after our weekend of heavy drinking we will just enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Well that sounds like another weekend done and dusted. Soon it will be Monday morning and the alarm will be buzzing nice and early, heralding the start of another busy week at work. Oh roll on Friday.

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