This set of 3 silicone wine glasses are an excellent accessory to use while hiking, camping, lounging at the beach or pool, and for any celebration. The stemless, silicone design is sturdy even when full and will not spill under a normal grip. The glasses are 4in tall and 2.5in in diameter at the mouth making them easy to hold and drink from. In addition, the bottom is flat allowing the glasses to comfortably and securely be placed on any flat surface. Now you can enjoy wine and other beverages anywhere with these fun and dependable glasses.

The design of the glasses features a cute live love laugh set making these glasses a fun and useful gift for anyone, even if they don’t drink wine. These silicone wine glasses are unique and stand out while offering plenty of utility. Whether they are used at a picnic or around the pool, they are always a fun accessory to any recreational activity. In addition, they are a great investment for those with young children or pets since they will not break when dropped and are 100% safe.

The glasses are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. In addition, they are BPA free. Whether you use these silicone wine glasses on your next outdoor adventure or at a party, you will not be disappointed. The design and utility of this set of shatterproof silicone wine glasses will remind you to live, love, laugh, and enjoy good company!

Product Features

  • SHATTERPROOF AND UNBREAKABLE – Silicone wine glasses that are tough, durable, and safe make a great accessory for hiking, camping, beach trips, outdoor trips, and parties where glass can be a hazard
  • PORTABLE – At 4in tall, 3in wide, and able to hold 12oz the flexible and squishy silicone construction allows glasses to easily be stored in bags, back packs, and pockets without needing to worry about breaking glass
  • EASY CLEANING AND SAFE – Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and BPA free for convenient reuse
  • CUTE LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH DESIGN – Makes these portable silicone wine glasses a fun, cute, and useful gift for anyone!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you’re not 100% satisfied with your silicone wine glasses you can return them no questions asked

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