David Artsmith – Drink coasters are such a small and innocuous part of our lives, that most people don’t take the time to really appreciate them. Even though they share our lives, they adorn the special moments, and bring function and meaning into the atmosphere of our existence, we just don't have time, and so our eyes glaze over and are drawn instead to more pressing matters.

However truth is often found most clearly in the details and that is true of the coaster as well, because it is such a subconscious expression of taste. The person who placed those beverage coasters on the table made a conscious decision, an artistic choice, however small. In that selection you can gain insight into the very way a persons mind works, and through that find intimacy, or leverage, depending on your goals in the situation.

On a more sentimental level, coasters are often the backdrop of events, engagements, and even the unassuming moments that really make up the flesh of life. Sold in sets, they spread out throughout a space, matched or contrasting, and yet always consistent in their spirit. This can tie a space together and give it meaning and purpose.

However this is not a one way effect. Not only do they add to the decorative nature of the space, but they are also interactive, and as they function they will silently facilitate their tasks.

On the other hand, passion for a coaster may just be a means of showing your excitement about the other furnishings in a space. After all, no matter how much the coaster pervades our space, in the end it is truly a facilitator, intended to protect your possessions, and act complimentary to your d?cor. Their very nature precludes them from being a centerpiece; they are the sidekicks of the home. Truly, the drink coaster passion, may be a passion for what they are protecting.

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