* Tired of struggling just to remove that annoying foil from your wine bottle?

Stop removing wine bottle foil the hard way! Never fumble through the cumbersome foil removal process again. Use this simple & ergonomic handheld foil cutter to easily cut through wine bottle foil for direct cork access. The VinoPlease foil remover is 100% guaranteed to make removing that pesky foil from your wine bottle far simpler than using a knife or sharp edge of your wine opener, leading to safe and enjoyable wine drinking!

Introducing the VinoPlease Foil Cutter

Once you use the VinoPlease Foil Cutter you won’t know how you lived without them. With a simple turn of the wrist you will remove the foil in one movement, & be ready to uncork immediately. Stop struggling & start enjoying your wine. You’ll also have a good laugh every time you use the foil cutters with the ever appropriate “Wine Not?” & “Wine Time!” slogans reminding you life is all about enjoying the most important moments, like indulging in some vino & sharing it with your loved ones.

How Does It Work?

1: Simply place your foil cutter on top of the wine bottle crown

2: Gently squeeze & twist the foil cutter one quarter rotation

3: Remove foil cutter & excess foil. Now you’re ready to uncork!

Every Wine Enthusiasts’ Secret Tool

Upgrade from wine amateur to wine expert all with this handy tool. Impress your friends with this revolutionary wine gadget!


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Product Features

  • CONVENIENTLY Remove the foil top from ANY wine bottle! The Fastest, Easiest, & Cleanest way to remove foil wraps. Never worry about foil bits falling inside your wine bottle after opening again!
  • EASY TO USE Designed for efficiency by wine enthusiasts, your wine bottle foil will effortlessly be removed in just seconds.
  • BUNDLE OF 2 Includes popular designs “Wine Not?” & “Wine Time!” Great accessories for your wine bar, cellar, or storage
  • PERFECT GIFT for any occasion including wedding favors, birthdays, house warmings, graduations, and more! Spoil the wine lover in your life with these great wine gifts! INCLUDES stunning black & silver gift box appropriate for any special event
  • ORDER NOW with our 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. LIMITED TIME Only Special Offer! Order 2 or more to QUALIFY for FREE SHIPPING Today!

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