Technical Details:

One Glass:
Weight: 5.54oz (157g)
Diameter: 3.15in (8cm)
Height: 5.4in (13.8cm)
Stem Length: 1.2in (3cm)
Capacity: 11oz (325ml)

Stacked Heights:
Two Glasses: 8.26in (21cm)
Three Glasses: 11.2in (28.5cm)
Four Glasses: 14.2in (36cm)

Eastman Tritan plastic (BPA and EA free)
Manufactured in Taiwan

Enjoy the most delicious wines with our durable, versatile short stemmed wine glasses.

There’s nothing quite like a warm red wine to accompany a delicious steak, or a crisp white wine as you watch the sun set in the distance. Whichever you prefer, you need a wine glass that’s beautiful, elegant and still durable enough to be safe in the dishwasher. Savorware Short Stem Wine Glasses, made of Eastman Tritan plastic, are elegant enough to use for a classy dinner and rugged enough to take to camping. If you’re looking for wine glasses that look great, don’t take up much space, and are safe even for kids who want to enjoy some apple juice, you won’t find a better, more versatile wine goblet out there.

Features of our wine glasses:

? 11 oz. per Glass

? BPA and EA Free

? Stackable

? Shatterproof

? 100% Eastman Tritan Plastic

? Dishwasher Safe

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Product Features

  • UNBREAKABLE – Keep the fun times rolling by never dealing with shattered glass again! Savorware wine glasses are tough. They’re created from thick Tritan plastic that is not going to shatter no matter how many times they’re dropped.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – These shatterproof wine glasses are created from Eastman Tritan plastic. It is a very safe material that’s BPA and EA free and still looks like glass.
  • COMPACT AND STACKABLE- Their short stems makes them perfect for limited storage space. Stack them easily in crowded cabinets, RV’s, campers, boats, you name it!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Savorware wine glasses stay clear! Unlike acrylic, they won’t turn cloudy after being washed in the dishwasher. Just keep them in the top rack and do not use heated dry.
  • SMOOTH RIM AND THICK BOWL – These drinking glasses will NOT cut your lips! The rim is smooth and rounded. The bowl is thick and the stem is stout. They’ll never come off as flimsy or cheap. Guests can easily mistake them for glass.

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