The perfect wine glass for the wine lover in your life!

“I’m not slurring my words. I’m speaking in cursive.”

A gentle reminder, meticulously etched (not printed) into the glass so that it never wears off, that will add a sense of refinement and humor to every occasion.

Its generous 16-ounce size allows wine to breathe and fully develop the rich bouquet of flavors you would expect from fine crystal. Yet, this wine glass makes for a great reasonably priced gift!

This isn’t a cheap novelty gift. This is fine, lead-free, dishwasher safe glassware that is perfect for use as your daily wine glass.

All Lushy Wino glasses are individually boxed and protected. The carefully etched text will never wear off with heavy washing.

This wine glass makes for a humorous and useful gift that will keep your friends, family, colleagues, and even enemies thinking of you for years to come.

Wine not buy one now? Cheers!

Product Features

  • ? For the wine connoisseur of the utmost class, sophistication, and a refined sense of humor.
  • ? High quality, 16 ounce, lead-free, stemmed wine glass.
  • ? Etched Text (Not Printed!) – The text is meticulously etched into the glass and guaranteed to never wear off!
  • ? Ready for Gifting! Individually gift boxed in an attractive, humorous box that everyone will love.
  • ? Dishwasher safe! Great for daily use.

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