Fun gift for any dog lover! These adorable doggies will charm your recipient again and again as the charms can be used on any kind of glass, cup or mug. Simply place the charm on the outside of the glass near the rim and the super strong magnet on the inside of the glass, holding both tightly until the two magnets meet. The charms hold tightly and won’t come off until you take them off. So give a gift that’s sure to please and be remembered, something fun, something different. And remember, you’re not drinking alone if your dog is home. Cheers!

Product Features

  • YOU KNOW YOU ARE A DOG LOVER WHEN you drive 30 minutes to buy holistic dog food, then serve your family frozen pizza for dinner… you choose a quiet night in with your dog rather than a Girls Night Out…you have more pictures of your dog on your phone than of your kids…there are dog beds in every room, but not one is actually used…you spend more on your dogs grooming than on your own.
  • YOU KNOW YOU ARE A WINE LOVER WHEN you think the opposite of white is red…you find yourself swirling your glass even if it contains water…you carry a corkscrew in your purse, and your car…when people ask if you want dessert, you ask for another glass of wine instead.
  • DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOU? OR ANYONE YOU KNOW? Perhaps your friend, mother, aunt, sister in law, girlfriend, wife, daughter, grandma, teacher or coworker? Then you have found an ideal gift. The wine glass charms are perfect for birthday gifts, hostess gifts, housewarming presents, thank you gifts or just because you love giving a unique wine gift that is sure to delight.
  • NOT JUST FOR WINE These novelty charms attach safely and securely through any type of glass, including stemless glasses, martini glasses, Moscow Mule mugs and even coffee cups. They look really cute on iced tea or lemonade. When not in use, you can even use them as dog refrigerator magnets.
  • YOU ARE ONE CLICK AWAY from giving the dog owner in your life a gift that he or she will rave about with her friends. As a matter of fact, our small family owned business has blossomed via word of mouth from happy customers that know our products, reputation and customer service are top notch. But if you feel differently, we offer a 30 day product replacement or money back guarantee, no questions asked. So pick up a set or two today so you can charm the dog or wine lover in your life~cheers!

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