Absinthe is experiencing a bit of a revival at the moment after it has been made lawful in many countries around the world. Where you can find Absinthe?In most countries, while each country seems to have a different law about Absinthe and thujone regulation.

Absinthe was made illegal in many countries in the early 1900s after accusation and claims about its safety and comparisons between Absinthe and the drug cannabis. Absinthe contains wormwood which in turn contains the chemical thujone which was thought to cause psychedelic effects. It became unlawful to buy or sell Absinthe, which is also known as The Green Fairy, while distillers in some countries were still permitted to make Absinthe for export.

According to some tests and research it has been observed that Absinthe is not dangerous although the depressant or sedative effect of alcohol, mixed with the stimulants in the herbs, cam make for a very interesting drunkenness! Absinthe is not a drug, it is just a strong alcoholic drink with an anise taste and is being served after diluting it with water so that the critical oils make the drink to louche.

During the period of ban, countries like Switzerland became known for their illegal clear Absinthe and people in countries like the US started getting Absinthe shipped from other countries like the Czech Republic or break the law and distill their own.

Where you can find Absinthe and what is the law?

Absinthe is rightful in the following countries:-

Australia - Australian legislation limits the quantity of thujone up to 10mg/kg and that "bitters" can contain up to 35mg/kg.

The EU - Like Australia, the permits Absinthe to be trade as long as it abide by legislation. According to EU legislation alcoholic beverages with over 25% alcohol by volume can containing thujone up to 10mg/kg and bitters can contain up to 35mg/kg of thujone by weight.

France - Although France is in the EU, it has its own rules. It will not allow drinks labeled Absinthe to be bought or sold, instead beverages have to be labeled "spiritueux ? base de plantes d’absinthe". France also governs fenchone, a chemical found in fennel, a key ingredient of Absinthe. Only low fenchone (up to 5mg/liter) "spiritueux ? base de plantes d’absinthe" can be bought or sold within France.

The United States - It was always rumored that Absinthe was not according to the law in the USA because legislation prohibits those beverages which are not thujone free. Once lawyers and Absinthe makers checked everything about the law and the testing used, they came to a conclusion that drinks that contain 10mg/kg of thujone or less passed testing can be taken as"thujone free". In 2007, the Absinthe brand "Lucid" went on sale in the Us and other brands have followed legal proceeding.

Canada - Each Canadian province has its own liquor board with its own legislation which regulates selling and other activities regarding Absinthe and thujone. In some provinces, beverages which contains thujone are still considered as illegal but, in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, Absinthe is legal as long as it doesn’t contain more than 10mg/kg of thujone. British Columbia sanction Absinthe without any limits on thujone levels. Other provinces are emending their rules concerning Absinthe.

Absinthe is also legal in South Africa, Hungary, Israel, most EU countries as long as it abide by the rules of EU legislation, New Zealand and Russia. Russia even permits Absinthe with up to 75mg/kg of thujone to be sold.

At present in some countries like Ireland and serbia it is against the law to buy Absinthe, but in ireland you can purchase it from abroad for your won personal consumption.

Absinthe has never been prohibited in the Czech Republic, the UK, Spain and Portugal.

To solve the questionWhich place Absinthe sold{To find answer to the question} Which place Absinthe sold{To give answer to the question }Where is Absinthe sold{The conclusion to the question}Places to find Absinthe?", Absinthe can be purchased in liquor stores in countries where it is legal, online from Absinthe suppliers and you can also buy Absinthe kits to make your own Absinthe.

Due to the fact that home distillation is illegitimate in many countries, Absinthe kits generally only make an Absinthe flavored drink and are just made by drenching a recipe of herbs in alcohol. On the other hand, Absintheliquor.com sell Absinthe essenceswhich are made using the finest herbs and are already distilled. Simply mix an essence with vodka or Everclear and you can get your very own real Absinthe!

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