Red wine has emphasized the taste of various different meals, appetizers and desserts. There are red wines that are good for the person who has not ventured into the red wine arena before and wines that are subtly different from others where it takes a more experienced wine taster to notice.A lot of resources are provided for the individuals to choose the best red wine for their different purposes. There are storage racks that are designed to help individuals store the wine bottles in the home or in the wine cellar so that the wine is preserved in the best condition possible over time. There are many people who are white wine drinkers first and then move to the red wine varieties over time and with certain meals. There are red wines that come from many different countries around the world, the most significant being France, Italy and in the United States.

Red Wine Varieties

One variety of red wine that is spicy and strong is the Shiraz.This wine is fairly fruity also contains the flavor of black pepper which gives it some zing. This type of wine, since it is heartier, is usually used with meals that have a beef base to them, such as steaks and stews, but also with wild game types of meals. This type of wine is made in California as well as in Australia and France.

Merlot is one of the type of red wine. This type of wine is usually a good choice for the beginning red wine connoisseur. It is a smooth wine that can be used with a multitude of different dishes, from red meats, fish, chicken and pasta dishes. It is also made in a variety of different places, which each place giving a unique accent or twist to this popular wine. It is made in Italy, Romania, Australia and even in Chile. In the United States it is made in both California and Washington.

Another popular red wineis the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is heartier than the Merlot and features some spice to it. It is a dryer red wine, which is sometimes offsetting to the newer wine drinker. It is a wine that is typically served with red meat dishes, but usually red meat dishes that do not have any sauces or other accouterments to them.

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