In order to get the most flavor out of your wine, it is important to let it “breathe” for 25 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the vintage. Just opening the cork and letting it sit open does very little, as only a limited percentage of the wine is in contact with the air.

Kitchen Gizmo Wine Decanter offers many qualities that will help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

First the wine passes through our 5-hole aerator, which allows the wine to oxidize, releasing its’ full aroma and flavors.

Then the process of decanting separates the sediments, leaving it in the bottle.

The decanter is wide at the bottom, leaving the wine fully exposed to finish “breathing”.

Finally, our double-walled wine glass will keep it at an optimal temperature. The glass also doubles as a cover for the decanter.

Kitchen Gizmo Wine Decanter will make a great gift for any occasion.

Product Features

  • PRACTICAL. Get the Most Flavor Out of Your Wine with the Kitchen Gizmo Wine Decanter. Includes Decanter, Aerator, and a Wine Glass that Doubles as a Decanter Cover.
  • INNOVATIVE. Wide Shaped Bottom Gives the Wine the Maximum Exposure to Oxygen
  • STYLE. Contemporary, Sleek and Polished. Scandinavian Design, Proven to Work Better than Leading Aerators.
  • SMART. Double Walled Wine Glass Will Keep Your Wine at the Optimal Temperature
  • DURABLE. Made with Top Quality Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass. Will Not Absorb Odors or Residue. Dishwasher Safe.

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