by Kevin Quinn

If you are organizing a get together party and are looking for some great and exciting ideas, then simply keep on reading. No matter what the occasion: a wedding shower party, baby shower, birthday, Christian holiday, or even a corporate party, you can always come up with a new and exciting, or use old and tried, party themes that have proven to be a hit with your friends and colleagues.

One of the most trendy thing to do is to host a sushi party, and if your first thought is that a sushi party would cost you an arm and leg, then rest assured that there’s an easy way around that – homemade sushi. If you decide on feeding your guests with these delicious Japanese sticky rice rolls on your get together party, then you can actually ask them to show up earlier and help you with the actual preparation.

Of course, you should take care of all the ingredients, buy some Japanese beer and a bottle of sake too, and you and your friends can start the sushi party in the kitchen and enjoy a drink or two while rolling those rolls up. You can ask your guest to dress in traditional Japanese clothes (as long as you can rent them in your city) and you have yourself a wonderful party theme for your get together.

Of course, you can extend your sushi party theme and serve traditional Asian appetizers and come up with some fun desserts like sweet sushi rolls made up of cake sponge and mascarpone cheese. Just remember that hosting a get together party is all about having great time – take into account what your friends love and make your party a success.

When it comes to organizing wedding shower party though, you might want to adopt a different approach – these tend to be slightly more formal, feminine, and usually take more careful planning and preparation. Popular party themes for wedding showers are the garden party, a wine party, honeymoon travel themed party, Hollywood couples’ party (on case of a co-ed shower) – everybody loves Bonnie and Clyde, Sonny and Cher, and Jack and Jill. However, you can come up with your own ideas that match the interests and the personality of the bride. If you decide on having a sushi party, then you can go for the Japanese theme as well and this can start even with the invitations – write them in a font that mimics Japanese writing.

However, when organizing a wedding shower party you should go for having a sushi bar and bringing a real sushi chef – this is much more appropriate than serving a DYI sushi. Nobody would worry what your sticky rice rolls look like at your get together party, but a wedding shower party should be beautiful and exquisite.

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