When it comes to drinking wine, some of us can lose some of the pleasure involved by getting caught up in the sometimes conflicting opinions of experts telling us what we should and shouldn't be drinking.

However drinking wine should be a pleasurable pastime and here are just three myths that the experts are telling wine drinkers to ignore:

All the good wines have to be expensive

This is not always the case and with all the different regions and varieties of wine available nowadays you are bound to find a wine that you really like at many different price levels. After all, the flavour is key when it comes to drinking wine, as opposed to keeping it on the rack because it cost a lot of money.

You may like the particular taste of a low cost wine or an expensive one, the cost shouldn't really affect your choice. However if you do find that you like an expensive label more, you will obviously be spending more but at least you'll know you have expensive tastes!

You should always let a wine breath before serving

It is true that many wines can benefit from a bit of oxygen before you sip away, but merely removing the cork isn't going to let much oxygen into the bottle. This is why some restaurants will decant your wine into a carafe, allowing oxygen to get to the wine better.

Wine, like most drinks, reacts to the elements and the vessel they are stored in. Getting more oxygen to the wine can actually improve or radically alter the flavour of the wine.

Certain wines should only be served with certain foods

This is another age old wine expression that you can ruin a wonderful meal by choosing a wine that doesn't go well. It's true that some meals may have very delicate flavours which you don't want to over power with the wrong wine but most wine drinkers will know whether the wine they're going to have is a strong or a more subtle type.

A lot of people believe that you should have red wine with meat and white wine with fish and whilst they do work well together it doesn't necessarily mean that if you were to mix them up that the entire meal would be a disaster. Many wines will work with lots of different dishes and so you won't be left with an absolute disaster. If they were to clash you can always leave the wine for after you've eaten or vice versa.

These are just a few myths about wine drinking. Most wine lovers will tell you to not get too caught up in the opinions of others and just enjoy wine drinking to find your own favourites amongst the wide variety available which now includes Lavilla Nanni Merlot, Olive Hills Nero D’Avola and Marechal Medium Chenin Blanc to buy online.

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