For people who enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner, they will often enjoy having a wine glass rack so that all of their wine bottles and glasses are in one place. These wine glass racks are great to use when the bottles of wine are going to be opened within a short amount of time of their placement in the rack since the racks are usually in or around the kitchen where there is a lot of light, a lot of movement and also many different smells that could affect the quality of the wine if it is left in that situation from long periods of time. For proper storage over a long period of time, there are certain conditions that must be met to make sure that the wine stays in the best condition possible before drinking it. However, for short term storage, these wine glass racks or metal wine racks are ideal solutions to keep wine bottles on hand for drinking, as well as looking decorative in the kitchen or bar area.

Types Of Wine Glass Rack

There are some wine glass racks that are truly only that - a rack to hold wine glasses. These wine glass racks often hang above the island in the kitchen so that the glasses are out of the way yet easily accessible for use.There is no risk on wine glasses to get bumped off a shelf or bumped over in these racks.

There are other wine glass racks that are designed to hold the wine bottles as well as the wine glasses.These are designed in various ways with the help of various materials.A few wooden wine glass racks are there which can be hanged above an island in the kitchen or some other counter space. The wine glasses slide into the rack underneath and hang upside down in the rack while the wine bottles can be neatly stored above them on the rack designed specifically for that use. The bottles are kept at the forty-five degree angle necessary to keep out the air so that the wine stays fresh.

There are other wine glass racks that sit on the floor so that they can be placed as a piece of decorative furniture in the kitchen, dining or bar area. These racks often have a flat top to them so that decorative items can be placed there or they can be used as a place to set the wine bottle and glasses when the bottle is opened and the wine is being poured. In these wine glass racks, the glasses hang upside down in the top section and the wine bottles are stored in several layers underneath them, tilted at that nice forty-five degree angle.

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