If ordinary bartending does not really tickle your taste buds, then you may enjoy flair bartending, which can be a pleasure to watch. This is when that trendy guy or gal behind the bar counter, perhaps somebody the same as Brian Flanagan (played by Tom Cruise) in the movie Cocktail, not only mixes you a drink, but additionally does it in a style that will genuinely astound you. This is precisely what accomplished and experienced flair bartenders are engaged to do.

A skilled barkeep who can entertain guests in a creative and entertaining style while at the same time mixing their drinks is said to be bartending with flair. Seen as a specialized art form or service, flair bartending requires the ability to juggle bar tools such as cocktail shakers together with liquor bottles in a manner that is extremely entertaining to those that are looking on. Additionally, the speed of service and quality of drink is nothing short of awesome.

Proving to be popular in the 1990's with the making of movies such as Cocktail and Coyote Ugly, flair bartending can best be portrayed as any antic used by a barman or woman in order to entertain visitors while mixing and serving beverages simultaneously. The tossing of liquor bottles or the juggling of shakers are just two amongst the many techniques that flair bartenders use. Many of the more practiced ones can additionally do bar magic that requires performing close up magic tricks. Ultimately, the main goal of this type of bartending service is to offer unusual amusement while mixing drinks, and doing so, bringing value to a patrons drinking and/or dining experience.

Best known as The Professor, Jerry Thomas introduced the idea of flair bartending to the world over a century ago and is considered to be the father of American mixology. The Blue Blazer was a cocktail made by Jerry by blending hot water streams with Scotch whisky. This took place in the 1800’s and turned out to be extremely popular at the time. It was from this beginning that this form of bartending picked up acknowledgment and popularity. The attraction of this exceptional skill is such that today, these master barkeepers are hot favorites at all types of parties. Hotels, bars and similar institutions make use of their services to establish and promote their premises, while new products additionally make use of this as a means of promotion. Several leading distilleries and hotels have coordinated special bartending events with flair bartenders, to increase mileage for their services or product lines. Nowadays, this profession has become so popular that you can find bartending school tuition and diplomas offered on the subject.

If you are planning to stopover at a bar or pub for a refreshing drink this evening, then look for one that offers professional flair bartending. If you have enough time for a couple of drinks and some entertainment, then why not enjoy some awesome, visual entertainment that flair barmen or women provide.

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