Since wine making has become a passion of yours, why not try your hand at making fruit wine. Fruits that make many of the best fruit wines are elderberries, plums, peaches, blackberries, huckleberries, blackcurrants, and pomegranates. Other fruits include berries, plums, apples, apricot, bananas, cherries, pineapple guava, and blueberries. Any good tasting fruit can be tried. Many other fruit wine can be produced from flowers like hibiscus, elderberry, and dandelions. You might also try Vegetables such as potatoes, rhubarb, rice and parsnip.

A favorite of mine is a wine called Apfelwein in Germany produced from apples. We have found that a best practice is to consume your wine produced from fruit within a year as it will not age well at all. Making and then drinking immediately is best.

One of the most fun aspects of making your own wine is large list of things you can make it from. If you have limited access to fruit you always have the choice of using a fruit base, a concentrate of the fruit you wish to try, from one of the many companies that sell wine making supplies.

A popular combination to try is a fruit wine combined with a grape wine. This makes for an unusual taste, especially for the sweet tooth's out there. Go for a Chardonnay or Zinfandel to create a marvelous fruity grape wine.

This taste should fire your palate. I always take into consideration exactly how sweet these fruit wines should be. In fruit wine the natural sweetness should be enough. However if it is not you can use sugar or wine conditioner, a very good liquid sweetening agent designed for use in making wine. There are plenty of great wine making juice flavors that can be added to your fruity wine that will work fine. Making your chosen wine dry or sweet exactly to your taste.

Aging and bottling is the final stage in your fruit wine making process. Do this step to your own preference. You can bottle your wine right away, age it in ceramic or stainless steel tanks, or put right in bottles to age. With a few basic steps, you will be well on your way to perfecting your system of creating a flavorful and desirable Fruit Wine for you and all your friends and family to enjoy. Learn More Here!

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