Many people choose a wine rackfor decorative reasons without truly considering why a wine rack is necessary. Wine racks are necessary to keep the wine in the best condition possible before drinking it, so that the cork does not dry out, the sediment is not disturbed, and the wine does not take on the other aromas that might be in the home or storage area. There are many different styles of wine racks that can be used in a home to store wine, as well as wine glass racks that allow the wine glasses to be beautifully displayed and easily attainable to the homeowner. Some of the wine racks are produced from wood and are stackable while others are produced from different types of metal and can be a single piece or stackable. The choice in wine rack depends on how much wine the person stores at one time and if he is a serious collector of wine.

Storage On A Wine Rack

There are certain things to be considered when choosing a wine rack, such as the material that it is built from.A certain amount of air gets into the wine bottles from the surroundings which should not have bad smell.A wooden wine rack should be made up of a odorless wood. Woods such as cedar are not good for wine racks because they have a distinct odor that will contaminate the wine if it is in a rack for a long period of time in a place next to the cedar. The metal wine racks are a better choice as far as odor goes because they do not give off that odor which can cause problems with the flavor of the wine.

Another consideration when buying a wine rack is whether it will be easy to expand on the wine rack as the wine bottle collection grows so that it looks like one expansive wine rack or if each piece is bought as a stand alone unit. For people who only want a small collection, a stand alone unit is fine, but for those who want to have a wine cellar, have a stackable unit that interlocks with others is the best situation. The wine bottles should sit at a forty-five degree angle in the wine rack so that the wine is touching the cork at all times.It’s value is because of two reasons. The first is that it does not allow the air to get into the bottle, thus keeping it sealed and as free as possible from contaminates. Another reason is that the cork is less likely to dry out, even if the humidity is not at sixty to seventy percent in the storage room at all times.

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