Do you love wine as much as we do? Ever kept a bottle or two because you just liked the way it looked and could not possibly throw away such beauty and craft? Well, we are right there with you and came up with a great solution for recycling and repurposing gorgeous wine bottles. We present to you finely tuned wine bottle glasses for your enjoyment. These cups are great for every day casual use yet look elegant and sophisticated for parties or entertaining guests/clients. And did I mention they are restaurant quality? That’s right! These cups are used in 3 top Miami restaurants. One set of four glasses will be unique from any other set. Cut from old wine bottles, the colors and textures within the glass will differ making for an exquisite arrangement. Similar to an original painting, you will own an original set of glasses. What a great conversation starter!

Passion Restaurant Group in Miami, FL has repurposed their empty wine bottles by recycling them into gorgeous glassware for any occasion with rich colors and textures.

Each glass is crafted from a different wine bottle giving every set of 4 a particular style.

Every box is neatly packaged with a set of 4 glasses divided individually perfect for shipping and storage.

The colors and diameters tend to vary between each bottle giving the set a truly personal feel.

These glasses can be utilized for any type of beverage including tea, water, juices, wine, whiskey, scotch, cocktails, shots, etc. and for any type of occasion including breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, party, wedding shower, baby shower, engagement party, picnic, etc. The possibilities are endless with these timeless glasses.

Product Features

  • LOCALLY CRAFTED: Crafted from recycled wine bottles from premium local restaurants in Miami, FL.
  • ELEGANT: Beautifully cut to hold approximately 12 ounces with smooth rim for drinkability, ease, and comfort.
  • DURABLE: Glasses feel sturdy in your hand and are microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • UNIQUE: No two sets are alike. Each box contains a unique set of 4 glasses which make a great conversation piece! Colors and diameters may vary from those shown in images.
  • VALUE: Save 10% when you purchase two or more sets. Buy for friends and loved ones, makes a great gift and conversation piece!

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