Absinthe is now legal in many countries and a few brands of Absinthe were legalized in the United States in 2007. People are excited about Absinthe and want to know more info on Absinthe and avaialbe Absinthe Kit. They are searching online for info and reading articles and books for their queries- What is it? How you do Absinthe preparation? How is it created from ? Bann of Absinthe? Safe or unsafe? Wormwood is? Etc. Let’s answer a few of those questions.

History OF Absinthe

Absinthe is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage usually prepared from a wine base and is flavored with natural herbs and essential oils. Artsinthe Absinthium are the common wormwood used in Absinthe prodction. The fennel and aniseed give Absinthe flavor and the wormwood gives its characteristic bitter taste and its name.

Wormwood is being used since ancient times as a natural remedy for many medical conditions and so was a natural choice for Dr Pierre Ordinaire’s elixir or health tonic. Ordinaire invented Absinthe in the late 18th century in the Swiss town of Couvet as a pick-me-up for his patients. During the early 19th century Henri-Louis Pernod was producing Absinthe and selling it commercially and by the middle of the 19th century it was a popular drink in France, Switzerland and later the United States. Bars even had Absinthe hours (L’heure de verte) and Absinthe soon overtook other beverages such as wine and beer.

Wine producers, doctors and the prohibition movement began their anti-Absinthe campaign in the late 1800s. Absinthe was associated with the loose morals of the courtesans of the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre and the Bohemian artists and writers and prohibitionists blamed it for damaging society as an intoxicant.

Absinthe was blamed for causing many health problems due to its thujone content. Psychedelic effect is caused by the chemical found in woodworm known as Thujone. Absinthe was thought to contain huge amounts of thujone and to be same as the drug cannabis. Effects of Absinrhe

– Hallucinations
– Convulsions
-Damage of Brain
– Insanity
– Death

Absinthe was even held responsible for a man murdering his family even though he had only consumed two glasses of Absinthe and copious amounts of other alcohol!

Absinthe was banned in 1912 in the USA and 1915 in France as it was believed to be dangerous.

How is it safe When to use Absinthe~Know how is Absinthe safe~Absinthe’s Safegaurds?

Pre ban Absinthe only contained very small amounts of thujone, not enough to be harmful or to cause hallucinations this shows the research and studies over the past few decades. All now know that the claims were just mass hysteria and just excuses for the wine producers and the prohibitionists to get Absinthe banned.

Absinthe is just as safe as any of the other types of strong spirits because Thujone quantities are now controlled by legislation. Because of its high alcohol by volume (up to 75%) Absinthe is easy to get drunk on, so care should be taken especially when mixing it in cocktails with other spirits.

Drinking Absinthe is unlike any other state of drunkenness as the blend of herbs and the alcohol in Absinthe acts as sedative and stimulant. It is a strange "lucid" or "clear headed" drunkenness as described.

Info on Preparation of Absinthe

Preparing the Green Fairy (Absinthe) is part of fun of drinking Absinthe. Things you will need:-
Quality Absinthe
What is an Absinthe glass
Keep an Absinthe slotted spoon
Pour iced water
Take a cube of sugar

To rest the spoon over the rim pour a shot of Absinthe into the glass. Place the sugar on the spoon and slowly drip the water over the sugar and into the Absinthe. When the sugar and water solution mixes into the Absinthe, the drink will louche - turn from a transparent green to a milky or cloudy paler mixture. This "louche" is the desired effect and is caused by the essential oils of the Absinthe in soluble in water. Enjoy your drink after stiring.

You need a quality Absinthe containing natural essential oils for the drink to louche. Absinthe essences from Absintheliquor.Wonderful Absinthes are made with a high content of natural essential oils. Glasses and spoons are sold which are replicas of antiques. You will also find lots of info on Absinthe’s website.

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