If you’re looking to increase biking performance, one of your most important upgrades is right next to your feet. These light weight, high performance pedals can make a world of difference in your overall velocity. The difference can be found in the stiffness and weight reduction in YAXXO Sports MTB pedals made with super strong aluminum alloy, Boron axles and hardened steel ball bearings. They also have reflectors on both sides and two sided grips for stability and safety. Perhaps the only thing that’s slowing you down is a pair of highest quality YAXXO Sports MTB pedals – get yours today!

Product Features

  • Light weight (285g), super strong alloy perfect for BMX racing bicycles.
  • One piece aluminum body with Boron axle and hardened steel ball bearings for many miles of high intensity biking.
  • Great for mountain bicycles, fixed gear bicycles and hybrid bicycles.
  • Along with light weight cycle frames, these light weight pedals make a huge difference in your speed and balance.
  • High output reflectors on both sides for night time safety.

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