There are more big wine fans and follows around now than there ever has been before. It is very easy to get drawn into the world of wine and before people know it, they are full blown wine enthusiasts. They've invested in a vintage collection of wine wines, they've converted their spare room into a storage cellar, bought a selection of different wine glasses so that they can get the maximum enjoyment of each wine variety, and have all the necessary tableware gadgets for opening and pouring their wine.

A great many wine enthusiasts don’t actually know much about the actual origins and variations in growing condition of the wines they drink and for that they need a wine map. Gone are the days when wine maps were rough guides on various wine areas, and instead we now have quality maps that have been researched and updated regularly. The California wine map for example is updated every year due to the complicated layout of the area, especially after Napa Valley was officially recognized as an American Viticultural Area in 1981. In total then there are 108 AVA’s in this region alone, with myriad terrains, varieties of grape and production methods.

You could of course just rely on the information on each bottle or the recommendations of friends when buying a bottle, but the true wine expert should know exactly where the grapes came from and why they taste the way they do. It is even more important if you decide to visit and area of wine production to have a wine map with you as things can get a little confusing if you don't. There are so many different factors that go into defining a wine’s taste and lots of them overlap between various vineyards and production areas. A wine map will allow you to not only understand the wines better but also identify where the tastes and aromas coming from your wine glasses came from

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