No More Waiting for Wine to Breathe.

No More Disappointing Wines

Confidently Enjoy Your Wine with Guests

Learn why Zazzol Wine Aerator’s hassle free design avoids problems found in Vinturi’s design:

-No leaks or drips from aerator’s side aeration holes which can leak wine when pouring too quickly.
-No aeration holes on the side which may accidentally be covered by a finger leading to insufficient aeration.
-No overflow problems which may occur when pouring too quickly into an aerator with a small cavity
-No neck leaking or fitting problems found in pourer-style aerators

Zazzol’s Multistage Areation v.s. Vinturi’s Single Stage Aeration:

The globally patented Zazzol Wine Aerator uses multistage aeration that more effectively aerates wine as you pour. Other aerators only use a single aeration design. The unique design aerates in 3 steps: first wine is dispersed over a cone, then drains through 32 holes, and lastly air is injected into the tube before the wine exits the bottom and into the glass. The multistage aeration allowing wine spread out throughly and efficiently mixes oxygen with the wine to break down the tannins which can give wine an overly astringent, bitter taste. The Zazzol’s multi stage aeration provides a more balanced finish while enhancing the aromas and flavors for the ideal glass of wine, every time!

Package Includes:

– Zazzol Wine Aerator
– An elegant, easy-fit aerator stand
– Cool Multi Purpose Gift Box
– Travel pouch
– Manual

LIFE TIME Satisfaction Guaranteed- Return For A Full Refund If You Are Not Completely Satisfied

Product Features

  • YOUR WINE WILL TASTE SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER IN SECONDS! Enjoy the enhanced flavor, fuller bouquet, and balanced finish….EVERY TIME! No more waiting for wine to breathe. No more disappointing wines.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY- The Zazzol wine aerator decanter transforms any wine to great wine instantly. Even less expensive wines will taste great. So next time when you unscrew the cap from that bottle of Chateau Chien Enrage, run it through the Zazzol wine aerator and calm that beastie right down.
  • SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE ABOUT ZAZZOL WINE AERATORS: ” Everyone and anyone that enjoys wine should have one of these. It has given us a new appreciation for the wines we have been drinking and previously enjoying. It literally opens up the flavors of the wine, reduces the bitterness and enhances all the flavors. This is a must have, in fact we bought three more for gifts so that our friends and family could enjoy wine as much as we do after buying the Zazzol Wine Aerator!!!”
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE A LIFE TIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED for your purchase because we are so confident that you will taste the difference. If you are not completely amazed by the results, we will refund your purchase no questions asked!
  • YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT GIFT: Looking for a unique gift for a housewarming, birthday, anniversary, wedding or event? The Zazzol wine aerator decanter comes in a stunning black gift box and is guaranteed to impress that special someone. They will know you put in the extra effort to pick out the best!

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