The majority of the world’s countries have succumb to the wonders of wine. It is even more popular today than it has ever been before and lots of people are taking the step of collecting a few bottles themselves and even buying some of the gadgets and luxuries that make drinking wine all the more fun. A great many people now in fact are deciding to convert one of their rooms into a dedicated wine room, so they can enhance their collection and keep it in top condition. It may be a big step for some people but here are 3 top tips for getting your own wine room

Keep it cool. The ideal storage tempertature for wines is between 10? to 16? C.It is not the end of the world going lower than this suggested range but if you store above 26? C for any great length of time you will pretty much ruin the wine. You should therefore have some way of regulating the room temperature or alternatively purchase a wine fridge. Additionally you will need to keep the moisture levels down so a dehumidifier would be another worthwhile purchase.

2.) Glassware and tableware. Lots of people do not think to keep glassware or tableware in their wine room and still keep it in their kitchen. If you keep a bottle opener and a selection of glasses in your new wine room, you won’t have to keep making the trip to the kitchen should you want to sample any.

3.) Organise. Poor organisation is the downfall of many an amateur wine room creator. If you arrange the wines by type, region and date from the very start, you will soon be in a mess and you'll waste lots of time trying to find the bottle you want. You might want to invest in a qaulity wooden wine cabinet also to display your wines in all their glory

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