How to Use Bevan Wine Gift Set?

Bevan wine gift kit literally has it all. Everything you need to open and pour the wine with complete ease of use.

Wine Corkscrew

1.Open the blade of the corkscrew and use it to cut the foil or plastic covering the wine cork.

2.Open the corkscrew spiral.

3.Hold the wine bottle by the neck with one hand and the corkscrew in the other.Twist the corkscrew into the cork until the spiral is almost through the cork.

4.Using slow,firm pressure,pull up on the cork until it is two thirds out of the wine bottle.

5.Next,slowly twist the cork as you pull upward.

Wine Pourer

1.Put the wine pourer into the mouth of bottle and then pour off the wine.

2.The contoured edge ensures a clean,dripless pour when serving wine.

3.This allows it to aerate over a larger surface area on its way into the glass.Meanwhile the sharp edge prevents splashes and running drops.

Wine Vacuum Stopper

1.Insert the stopper into the mouth of bottle,pump out the air from the bottle with the pull pole to vacuum situation,you will find it becomes tighter for the pull pole,it is vacuum sealed then.

2.When enjoy the wine again,revolve or wave the stopper to take out the stopper.

Drop Ring

Put the wine ring on the neck of the bottle,the inside velvet will absorb leakages of the wine.
Package Includes:

1x Wine Vacuum Stopper

1x Wine Corkscrew

1x Wine Pourer

1x Wine Drop Ring

Product Features

  • BEST LUXURY RED WINE POURER:Sleek,elegant and lightweight design to fit all bottle sizes. Bevan wine pourer attaches directly to the bottle ensuring the wine flows effortlessly from bottle into the glass.Additionally, the drop stop leak guard prevents spillage so that you get to enjoy every single drop.The whole set is so complete as an addition to any bar, wine refrigerator, or cellar or when hosting a wine party with your friends.
  • FROM NOW ON OPEN WINE CORK GRACEFUL:Bevan wine corkscrew have a elegant look and a stylish and durable stainless steel body with comfort-grip handle.The special steel designed is guaranteed to cleanly remove any natural or synthetic cork in several turns with no breakage. The precision-cut notch grips the cork firmly and also reduces the drag,making it less likely the cork will crumble.Stay with bevan wine corkscrew,we can help you open the wine without issue.
  • KEEP YOUR TABLECLOTH SAFE FROM WINE STAINS:The inside velvet of drop ring is easy to absorb leakages of the wine.This is beneficial for preventing messy runs that stain such as tablecloths,tables or countertops.Enjoy red wine without worries.
  • KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH: Don’t let leftover wine turn into vinegar.Throw away your corks, and use Bevan wine pump and sealers kit to extract the air from the bottle and protecting your opened wine from oxidation & bacteria.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Start clear up messy for opening the wine from Bevan wine gift set.To prove how confident we are with our product, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase or replace a new one at your wish.Click the Add to Cart Button now!

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