Scott Young has written in simple lesson by lesson format just how to make a great batch of homemade wine easily. If you follow each lesson carefully in his book, Delicious Wine Making Made Easy, you will most certainly be successful.

Scott Young positively knows what he is talking about and that is evident after analyzing the first section of this informative guide. Delicious Wine Making Made Easy is arranged into 15 lessons that are amazingly well written and composed.

Lessons one, two and three, located in the first section, contain vital information on products, materials, and ingredients needed for producing the wine. It includes sound advice on such topics as:

o Where to prepare, ferment and store your wine.
o Gathering the needed equipment.
o Setting aside time for this project.
o Sanitizing your equipment.
o Comfortable preparation area.
o Counter space for equipment.
o Following directions precisely.
o Keeping a clean work area
o Two points in achieving an ideal batch of wine.

Lesson three contains suggestions and recommendations for choosing just the right wine making items for the type of wine you want to make.

Each lesson builds on the previous one, it is imperative not to skip any. The final chapter holds lessons 11-15 which provide suggestions on how to improve or upgrade your recipes and methods.

The appendix contains thoughts and ideas for hosting a wine tasting. You are given tips for evaluating and ranking wines.

I am excited to have this book available at my fingertips as a reference guide for product tips, for recipe ideas and for trouble shooting when I run into problems. Using this book practically guarantees making a great bottle of home made wine a success.

There are a couple of other great wine making books currently available that I would like to also mention the booklet The Ultimate Fruit Wine Maker’s Guide and Making Unbelievable Wine are two that are recommended reading as wine making reference manuals.

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