Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you are looking for an ideal gift for your favorite wine enthusiast, the razor-sharp foil cutter remover is one of the best new kitchen tools that you can use for opening up wine from around the world. An ideal tool for restaurant owners, wine enthusiasts and more this ergonomically designed tool makes it easy to very quickly removed the foil and packaging from around the court in any bottle. If you’ve ever struggled with removing foil or packaging from wine or champagne bottles this easy-to-use tool is convenient and can help you save time and effort in your kitchen or in a restaurant. True decor wine bottle foil cutters uses unique and sharp wheel blades. By placing this device over top of any wine or champagne bottle and giving just a quarter turn of your wrist you can cut the cap off of a bottle of wine and instantly get access to the cork for easy opening. With hundreds of satisfied customers in an extremely reasonable price this is a kitchen tool that you simply can’t go without. Cut foil can also leave the presentation of any wine or champagne bottle intact meaning that you can display the art and label the way that it was intended to be displayed. When enjoying samples or entertaining this level of presentation can really impress guests. This four-wheel wine bottle foil cutter stay sharp for a very long time and is very simple to clean. Many who own it are raving about how easy it is to use and it has been demonstrated and used by customers around the world. The device can also expand and contract to remove the foil on any size bottle meaning that you will never have to worry about opening your favorite bottles of ice wine, large bottles of champagne, small sample bottles and more.

Product Features

  • True D?cor Handheld foil cutter is The easiest and fastest way to cut the cap of a bottle of wine.
  • 4-wheel system with Unique razor-sharp blades quickly and neatly removes foil
  • One-step operation requires no more than a quarter turn of the wrist
  • Very easy usage, Tested by hundreds of satisfied customers

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