Drinking wine has long been a favourite at meal times or simply to enjoy by itself; with the wide range of varieties there are many tastes to enjoy. One of the interesting aspects of wine is that it is made all over the world, therefore offering an abundance of distinct tastes and flavours to be enjoyed.

It is for this reason that buying and tasting wines from many different countries is a part of the enjoyment of wine appreciation. For the average wine buff though we are confined to what the supermarkets or the off-licenses have stocked.

Whilst many supermarkets will have wines from favoured countries such as Spain, France and an increasingly popular choice in the UK: Australian wines. In the last few years, many stores have been importing more Australian wines than French, which may be surprising to some.

This may be because the battle between the "old" and "new" world wines. Old world wines refer to the famous wine producing regions such as Southern France and other Mediterranean countries. New world wines are the new breed of wine producing countries such as Australia, South Africa and numerous South American countries.

The option to buy discount wine online has been a recent trend that has opened up many wine lover's range of available wines, where they are able to import lesser known wines from any country they choose. Buying online is considered a very safe way to buy wine as many retailers assure that the wine will be authentic and delivered safely.

There are many online merchants who will sell wines you may not find in the shops as well as some specialist retailers who stock various vintage bottles for those looking to spend a little extra on brands such as Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

Buying wine online in bulk means that you should be able to buy in a good supply for your own personal wine cellar and buying by the case can often offer discounts. So if you like your wine and would like more than the supermarket offers then perhaps you should look into browsing online wine retailers for your next bottle.

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