A lot of people consider Absinthe is a mysterious drink and want to know more about it "The Best Way To Make Absinthe?", the drink favored by many renknowned personalities like Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh and is commonly known as La Fee Verte.

The three principal methods to make Absinthe on small scale are as follows:-
1.Distilling Absinthe using herbs or steeping herbs in alcohol without the use of distillation.
2.herbal blend kit and its utility.
3.Using an Absinthe essence.

How To Make Absinthe by Distillation?

Distilling Absinthe liquor at home is not to be recommended and is actually illegal in many countries, including the United States, unless you have a license. To make Absinthe first herbs like wormwood, green aniseed, anise and fennel are distilled with alcohol base and then herbs like lemon balm, petite wormwood and hyssop are added to add colour.

To use steeping method, add the wormwood to a neutral alcohol and let the mixture remain undisturbed for a fortnight in a cool dark place. Filter out the wormwood and then add other classic Absinthe herbs like aniseed, fennel, anise, hyssop, angelica and lemon balm. Keep it aside for a few days, filter and then taste.

Making Absinthe by steeping herbs and filtering will not make a proper Absinthe because you are not distilling the drink.

Use of Herbal Blend Kit In Making Absinthe?

There are many different companies online selling Absinthe kits.Thujone found in wormwood often linked with psychedelic effects. Studies now state that thujone is only dangerous only in huge quantities.

Mostly kits provides you with an Absinthe herbal blend to mix with alcohol, an Absinthe finishing blend and a micron filtration system to filter the liquor. No distillation is required hence this will not make Absinthe in the true sense.

Using Essences for the Production Of Absinthe?

Absintheliquor.com produce Absinthe essences using wormwood, aniseed and fennel and distill them by high tech carbon dioxide distillation. Mix an essence with neutral colour alcoholic drink like vodka to make your own real Absinthe. These essences are used by the Absinthe industry and are best quality. Make sure to use at least 45% (90 proof) alcohol otherwise they get cloudy.

Absintheliquor.com has four essences that any one can buy:-

– A classic verte Absinthe essence
– An orange flavored essence flavored with natural orange oil.
– A strong essence to make a bitter tasting Absinthe. This one has wormwood over 55 mg thujone in a bottle.
– A clear Absinthe essence to make Blanche or La Bleue style Absinthes.

It is Rumored that they will have 4 more the nearest days, among those Blue Absinthe.

These essences can be used to make 14 bottles of Absinthe. The kit comes with bottle labels and a measure. Absintheliquor.com is also a good place to find replica of Absinthe spoons and glasses.

How to produce Absinthe? Well, the most economical way is to use an essence,.

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