Putting in a home wine cellar can help keep your special collection of wine in top condition. In order to age properly and to develop the delicate layers of taste as desired, wine needs to be kept in a cellar away from the low humidity, temperature variations and inadequate storage the bulk of the average home provides.

Small-scale or on a big scale, a wine cellar should contain the following components:

o proper insulation
o racks to protect and display the bottles
o adequate temperature controls
o proper lighting levels

Your wine cellar can be an example of your taste – perhaps you have a preference for practicality, and as much storage in a small space as possible. Alternately, you may want a show piece where you can entertain friends and sample wines in elegant surroundings. Have your needs in mind when you design your cellar.

Also note that a wine cellar need not be reserved for a country estate, as people from all walks of life who enjoy a fine bottle of wine build or have wine cellars in their homes.

You will want to come to the design process with an idea of how you view your wine collection. Some bottles resemble art pieces, so you may want to display them prominently. Sometimes you may like to showcase a rare vintage, or perhaps decorate your space with wine-related arts or crafts that bring ambience to the space.

A range of storage modules sympathetically combined will give your wine cellar the most versatility. You can invest in modular storage systems that assemble in a customized fashion, or you can have a carpenter create the storage (this can be the more expensive option).

Simple storage racks (in wood or metal) will make sure that the wine remains effectively ventilated and separated. You may also want an area set aside for wine accessories, like glasses, corkscrews, bottle openers and wine chillers or buckets. Your wine cellar can also have essentially decorative elements in the form of handcrafted doors or mood lighting.

Red wines gain most from cellar storage, especially varieties that acquire their best quality from long-term storage. Many people imagine that cellars have to be located in the basement or else under the house, when in fact they can actually be set up in any part of the house as long as the temperature and humidity levels can be sufficiently controlled. Make your wine cellar a genuine expression of your passion for wine.

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